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6 Ways To Get The Perfect Modern Bedroom

June 8th, 2022 | Posted in Article
Modern Bedrooms

Modern bedrooms are desired by many people for their sleek, clean lines and focus on functional furniture with a purpose. Modern furniture and decor provides a light, airy feel and can make a space seem more spacious. But what can you do to make your bedroom into the modern masterpiece you want it to be? Here are six simple ways you can create the perfect modern home bedroom.

1. Fitted wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are a great way to bring more storage into your bedroom, without clunky chests of drawers or freestanding wardrobes that aren’t quite the right size for your space. With custom units and other modern interior design options such as fitted sliding wardrobes, your bedroom can look contemporary, unified, organised and have the smooth, sleek lines that you dream of. 

Fitted wardrobes also help to avoid clutter, meaning you can choose to display the things you love so that when you look around your room, you see your most treasured possessions. Let’s not forget that contemporary wardrobe interiors with chrome and/or glass finishing can help to keep your things organised –  so you never have to feel like your dream bedroom has become cluttered or disjointed!

2. Mirrored Doors

Mirrored Doors

Having mirrored wardrobe doors adds the illusion of space to your room, as well as giving you a chance to look at your outfit before you even leave the bedroom. They are the perfect contemporary touch for the modern person, and reflect huge amounts of natural light, helping you to be healthier and happier. They create a light and open space which will make your modern room even more of a haven.

3. Wall-mounted bedside shelves

Bedside tables can seem old-fashioned, so those looking for a contemporary look should aim for wall-mounted bedside shelves as an alternative. There are several practical benefits as well, such as space underneath to put your slippers and plenty of top space for your phone, glasses and water. Plus, you can even add strip lighting for an added luxury feel.

Wall-mounted bedside shelves also help create smooth, crisp lines, and can add a touch of quirkiness to your room as you make the most of the space you have. They’re a simple addition that has a great deal of functionality, giving you the perfect modernised touch.

4. Colours

Grey Colour Psychology

Modern bedrooms are best exemplified by the colours chosen. Most, if not all, of the walls, should be neutral colours, like whites and creams. This means that when you add a splash of colour, a design, a feature wall or bright modern furniture, it stands out more to give you an eye-popping room that draws the eye. An additional benefit of neutral colours, especially lighter ones, is that they can help make it feel like your room is larger than it is. 

Many modern rooms also focus on colour themes. Complimentary colours and how they can affect your mood and sleep patterns are a big must for any modern bedroom. Choosing the right colours can help to make your bedroom a more restful place where you can recharge, while also ensuring that it lives up to your dreams.

5. Art

Art in Bedroom

Art can add an elevating touch to any room, making it into a place where you can find motivation, be reminded of nature or even show your passion for a particular thing. For the modern bedroom, art isn’t just limited to canvases or sculptures but also includes prints and posters. This adds a stylish touch to your room making it a place where you can show your personality and passion.

6. Lighting

Bedroom Lighting
Source: Home Designing

Modern lighting can help create a luxurious atmosphere in your room which makes it more restful. It can also create brightness to the room, even at night. Lighting isn’t just limited to your ceiling, it can be added to various elements of your bedroom including your wardrobe, underneath your bed, behind your bedside tables, around feature art pieces and more.

When using lighting, just remember not to cut out your natural lighting or ventilation. Use a mix of natural and carefully placed artificial light to help you rest more and keep your room feeling fresh.


Modern bedrooms can be created with a few simple touches, from the right colours and accents to the right furnishings and lighting. All these can create an impression of you having a luxury room, with limited clutter. Natural light, especially when it’s reflected off mirrored doors, can help create a feeling of airiness and space, transforming a room from a small, dark place where you only sleep into your favourite space to spend time. Following these six simple modern bedroom ideas will get you off to a kick start.