Fitted Wardrobe Interiors

Bespoke storage inside your Swan Fitted Wardrobe

Our Fitted Wardrobe Interiors

Storage solutions have to be flexible – everyone’s needs are different. That’s why every wardrobe interior built by Swan Systems Furniture is custom-made to suit your wardrobe, not someone else’s.

To get started, all you have to do is explore our gallery for inspiration, and then design your dream fitted wardrobe interior using the Room Planner. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll deliver your bespoke furniture fully assembled where possible to save you money on fitting costs. As if that wasn’t enough, every item is tested for durability and strength, so you know you’re getting the best quality.

Fitted Wardrobe System FAQs

Given that your wardrobe doors will be open a lot, the interior of your wardrobe is carefully planned out with you at the design stage to meet your every need. We will discuss how you wish to declutter the inside of your wardrobe and organise your favourite clothes, shoes and accessories so that you can maximise your wardrobe space. With your requirements in hand, we will then build a bespoke interior to house all of these items.
With Swan Systems fitted hinged wardrobes, we add a top-shelf, dividing panel and chrome hanging rail in each section as a standard. Unlike our competitors, at Swan Systems, we will ensure that the interior of your wardrobe matches the colour of your exterior – a unique offering from Swan Systems Furniture only. We offer a front frame wardrobe systems which is fitted directly onto your wall. And we have a full bodied wardrobe range which includes backs, sides and a base.

With a Swan Systems fitted sliding wardrobe, we include a top-shelf running the total width of the wardrobe, dividing panels and chrome hanging rails included in the fitted price.
As well as this, we offer a wide range of interior elements and accessories to help create your dream wardrobe interior:

  • Shelf stack with 5 shelves – 400, 500, 600, 800 or 900mm wide
  • 3 and 4 wardrobe interior drawer units at various widths
  • Jewellery drawers
  • Watch winders
  • Tie drawers
  • Trouser racks
  • Pull out baskets of various sizes
  • Integrated laundry baskets

We build interior wardrobes with skill and bespoke materials to create the bedroom of your dreams.

We recommend that you identify the items you regularly use and then only store these. Decluttering is a healthy process and gives you a chance to organise. Once you know the items you want to store, your Swan Systems wardrobe interior will allow you to cleverly display all of your precious things, making the most of your built-in wardrobe interior.

If you need some wardrobe interior fitting ideas before you start choosing, check out the gallery inspiration above.

Yes, they are. The bedroom is often the last room to get attention in a home. Probably because we do not show it off with pride as we do other rooms like the living room and kitchen. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be afforded the same care or expertise.

A bespoke fitted wardrobe will maximise all the space in your bedroom. Units will be fitted to your walls, ceiling and floor creating fixed furniture and a beautiful effect. The majority of Swan System’s bedrooms are sold in a neutral colour, such as ivory, white, light grey and cashmere. This gives you the flexibility to liven up your room with soft furnishings as the season’s change.

The days of buying freestanding furniture in traditional materials such as pine are long gone. High street stores will always offer cheap, freestanding furniture that has been mass-produced. However, it will often need replacing in a year or so as it falls apart after wear and tear. A wardrobe from Swan Systems is made of hard-wearing components and materials. What’s more, every wardrobe comes with a 10-year guarantee, because we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality interiors that last.

There is an abundance of reasons why Swan Systems Furniture is the right choice for your fitted wardrobe system. Here are just a few of them:

  • We’re a friendly, local and independent company with a strong reputation throughout the South Coast of England.
  • Our attention to detail is meticulous, and our strong focus on our customers means that your wardrobe systems are completed to the highest quality.
  • We are not reliant on overseas components to finish work – everything is ‘Made in Britain’
  • We offer a wide range of styles, colours and designs so you can be sure of finding fitted bedroom furniture to suit your tastes.
  • Our experts will guide you through the whole process from your fitted wardrobe interior design to their manufacture and installation.
  • Our well-developed manufacturing process means that we can easily reduce lead times for your wardrobes – which is great for our customers!

But you don’t have to only take our word for it – our customer testimonial page is full of glowing praise for the work we’ve done.

Each fitted wardrobe system is bespoke to your tastes and storage needs. This means that costs can vary between units. Our prices are the lowest they’ve ever been and we can create a free quote for you in our showroom or in your home or via the Room Planner. Get in touch today.

Our designers are experts in creating custom-fitted wardrobes with a simple process.

Get a free quote using our contact form. Alternatively, you can locate your nearest showroom and pop down to see us in person, bringing along your measurements.