Recovery Promotion - 2 Swan Sliding Mirror Wardrobes £995

Cygnet Sliding Wardrobe Range

You will notice in all the supermarkets they have a Finest range, an own brand and a value brand of food. They want to cater for every visitor who comes into their store. And under their brand name, all these products meet strict quality guidelines. We’ve done the same of our Sliding Wardrobe range. We want every customer to leave us with a product with floor to ceiling, wall to wall storage – at a price that suits their budget.

We have our Swan range of Sliding Wardrobes. Our finest range, with a choice of 15 colour frames, made to measure with mirror, modern panel doors and coloured glass. And we are now offering our Cygnet range of sliding wardrobe doors. Our value range of sliding doors. Both excellent quality products – at different price ranges.

Available in 5 frame colours, the Cygnet range is a simple sliding door product. Doors can be mirrored, split with different coloured glass options, a few panel colours and they are what you will find for sale in our competitors stores. They come with soft close and a choice of 5 colour tracks. We have a display in our Titchfield factory showroom so you can compare the Swan and Cygnet Sliding Wardrobes, get a quote on both and make your decision.

As the Cygnet range is very low priced, the seasonal discounts we offer are not applied to this range