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Fitted furniture can increase the value of your home

March 10th, 2023 | Posted in Article
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We’ve all been there – the dilemma of whether we move house or invest in our home with upgrades and improvements.

With house values currently fluctuating and the buying and selling process still being difficult and stressful, more and more people are choosing to devote money and time into their homes rather than move.

Also, with so many more people home working and needing efficient and effective work spaces, home owners are investing more in home studies/offices to add that special workable area in a spare room or living space.

When done properly, homes can become more appealing to buyers with thoughtful decoration and available storage.  Fitted furniture solutions are a ‘real selling point’ according to Homebuilding & Renovating and are a real investment into the value of the property.

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With custom made bespoke fitted furniture from Swan Systems Furniture, it’s a comfort to know that the money you invest into your storage is adding value to your home.

So when the time is right for you to move, according to House Beautiful April 2022, there are 5 Property updates that will increase your home’s value by 20%:

  • smartening up staircases
  • adding built-in wardrobes
  • creating a multifunctional study
  • investing in a dressing room
  • considering building a home library.

Storage is on a buyers’ must-have list, especially where there are awkward spaces where flat pack furniture doesn’t work.  Ensuring your storage is flexible, fits the space perfectly and is appealing to the eye are all factors which are vital and we work with you to ensure all expectations are not only met, but exceeded!

So, do you move or improve?  If you’re happy in your home and the area works for you for the time being, staying and improving could be the best decision and could work out better for you financially in the long-run too when you do choose to move home.