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How to Save Space in a Small Bedroom

December 10th, 2020 | Posted in Ideas
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Small bedrooms are often overlooked in homes. The lack of square footage often makes people think it’s not worth using the space for anything other than a bed. But there are actually ways to save space in small bedrooms.

Here is our advice on how to store more in those tight spaces.

Small bedroom storage ideas

1. Make a room plan

The first thing you should do is draw a room plan. Measure everything – wall lengths and heights, awkward corners, windows, doors. Make sure you have every number you could need.

Now you can put everything into your plan. First, figure out where the bed will go, then start considering how you can best utilise the remaining space. Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall solutions will be your friend here as they maximise the limited space you’re working with.

Once you’ve sorted out your floor plan, you can get to perfecting the look you’re after.

2. Consider sliding doors

Sliding wardrobe doors are perfect for small rooms as they don’t take up valuable floor space when they’re open. You’re not limited on materials, either – whether you’re after mirrors or wood, there’ll be a design that suits your bedroom.

image3 1
Sliding wardrobe doors are perfect for small rooms

What’s on the inside counts, too. Make the most of the storage space you have with fitted wardrobe interiors. Custom designs mean you can have a solution that fits your needs, really saving space in your small bedroom with shelves, dividing panels, drawers and hanging rails.

image2 1
Make the most of your wardrobes with bespoke interiors

3. Look up

If you’re running low on room along the walls in your bedroom, there’s no need to worry – look into over-the-bed storage, instead. This method of saving space in small bedrooms sees hinged storage boxes fitted above the bed to hold clothes, spare sheets and more.

You’re not limited to one size, either. Top boxes can be small, medium or large – it all depends on your needs.

image1 1
Top boxes provide extra storage and look great

4. Go bespoke

To really save space in a small bedroom, don’t go for cheap, freestanding furniture. If you want something that will last, you’re after bespoke furniture.

It’s not just its longevity, though. Bespoke solutions are always made to measure, and they’ll fit your room like a glove. Whether you have an even square or full of awkward corners, bespoke furniture is really the only way to save space in a small bedroom.

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