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New way of buying Swan Systems Furniture – on-line

May 27th, 2022 | Posted in Article

“If you can buy a customised car on line – why can’t you buy a fitted bedroom in the same way?” said Vic Colley, the entrepreneurial founding Director of Swan Systems Furniture Ltd. The challenge was set.

An excellent website designer was found. The brief was discussed. And changed. And the design was presented. And changed. Until we eventually got to this stage. We are now selling on-line.

“If it was easy, everyone would be doing it” commented Pat Colley, the retired Director of Swan Systems Furniture Ltd

We are proud to finally reveal our new website. It not only looks fresh and updated from our old website design, but we have now included e-commerce so that customers can buy direct.

All of the fitted bedroom industry uses the same tired process: get a lead , call the customer, make an appointment, wait for the sales person to visit the home, sales person designs and gives a price, customer and sales person negotiate on price, Customer agrees. Places a deposit. It’s exhausting just writing that.

We are presenting all of our products on line. The customer can price up their own fitted bedroom. If its in line with what they want to spend, they press purchase, pay for the furniture and we make it.

Customers can customise a Swan Sliding Wardrobe with a choice of 5 different door designs and 15 different colours. They can add matching furniture at the sizes they want. We’ve included 4 ranges of furniture:

  • Classic – doors with pretty designs like the Hampton, Eclipse, Shaker – with the option of having mirror inserts – in lots of amazing colours
  • Super Matt – uber chic flat slab doors in a select range of colours
  • Super High Gloss – sleek flat doors in stunning colour choices – High Gloss Metallic blue suit you?
  • Cygnet – our budget range of fitted bedroom furniture – limited colour choice, excellent quality – flat door designs
  • Choice of handles

There is an option for us to survey and install the furniture if the customer wants that to happen. And we’ve worked with our finance provider to enable people to make purchases using finance, to spread the payments, which is pretty standard on most websites these days.

It’s not 100% where we want it to be. The images will improve over time. We will be adding trade furniture as time goes on, with trade log-in’s. But this is our new on-line store and we are all very proud of it.