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Change your spare room into a Luxury Walk in Wardrobe with Swan Systems Furniture

Make the most of your spare room by converting it into a stunning walk-in wardrobe. What was once a dream for some is now an affordable luxury for everyone. With over 35 years of experience, Swan Systems Furniture is ready to help you design a beautiful room with all the walk-in wardrobe storage you could dream of. Start using your space to its full potential today.


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Get Your Luxury Walk in Wardrobe

Beautiful walk-in wardrobes don’t have to be a complex affair, and with Swan System Furniture you don’t have to compromise on quality, style or space.

Having hand-crafted stunning furniture for over 35 years, our clever walk-in wardrobe fittings and storage solutions are combined with the highest-quality materials and accessories.




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Maximise your storage with a Swan Luxury Walk in Wardrobe

We work with various ceiling heights, slanted ceilings and awkward angles, so you’re guaranteed a wardrobe that you’ll love. We can even create corner walk-in wardrobes for maximum space usage. Our skilled manufacturers have the finest level of craftsmanship coupled with astounding attention to detail to bring the most beautiful designs to your home.


Walk in Wardrobe Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do you need for a Swan Systems walk-in wardrobe?

At Swan Systems Furniture, we create a range of units from large, medium to small walk-in wardrobes.

There is no general ‘rule’ that applies to all. Therefore, the design that you can achieve depends on the size of your space and the finish you’re looking for. 

A standard full-size walk-in wardrobe for two adults should ideally be 7 by 10 feet. Having said this, we have experience creating all manner of walk-in units. So, if you can stand in it, we can design it!


What are the benefits of a walk-in wardrobe over a conventional unit?

A walk-in wardrobe is typically a furnished room that is intended for storing clothes, footwear and other personal items. It can also be used as a changing room. You can choose to have open units or if you have the space, have a hinged door put onto the unit.

Walk-in wardrobes offer a range of benefits, including helping to care for your clothes and belongings with reduced creasing from proper ventilation and space. Walk-in wardrobes allow you to showcase all your prized possessions with a range of shelves, drawers, bespoke units enabling you to literally walk into your wardrobe. Plus, they add a flair of luxuriousness to your home.



What styles of walk in wardrobes do Swan Systems Furniture offer?

At Swan System Furniture, we’re proud to be able to cater to all tastes and budgets, which is why our wardrobes come in many colours, designs and styles. We also have a range of custom walk-in wardrobe doors to choose from.

For those seeking a classic look, we have a range of walk-in solutions in a neutral finish with shelving and glass doors. Alternatively, for those looking for a sleek, modern aesthetic we have high-gloss options with glass shelving. Chrome style walk-in wardrobe rails and handles can also add a contemporary, luxury finish. 

If you need some walk-in wardrobe ideas before you start choosing, check out the gallery inspiration above.


How are Swan Systems walk in wardrobes installed?

To begin with, we will complete a detailed survey of your room. We then discuss with you what you’d like in the space. We will then create you a quote and after you approve of this, we build the interiors tailored specifically to your requirements. If you’ve opted for doors to your walk-in wardrobe we will then carefully install them.


How much do walk in wardrobes cost?

Each walk-in wardrobe design is bespoke to your tastes and storage needs. This means that costs can vary. Our prices are the lowest they’ve ever been and we can create a free quote for you in our showroom or in your home. Get in touch today.


How do I get in touch with Swan Systems Furniture about my walk-in wardrobe?

Our designers are experts in creating custom walk-in wardrobes with a simple process.

Get a free quote using our contact form. Alternatively, you can locate your nearest showroom and pop down to see us in person.