Supply only bedrooms – part 1 of our survival plan

I hope you are all well in lockdown. Isn’t this the strangest of times?

We are planning our survival strategy now, how to come out of this situation stronger.

One step is to offer supply only bedrooms. We have our own manufacturing facility. We can send non-furloughed staff in to create the bedroom you want and they can deliver it to your home safely too.

We feel that with all this time at home, the bedroom must be really getting on your nerves now. I know mine is and I’m in the process of redesigning ours. I’ve taken rough wall measurements and sketched out what I’d like inside each wardrobe and the style and design I want. I’ve then taken a picture of my sketch and emailed that to and one of my design team will pick that up and create you some design idea concepts and a quote.

Easy. Why don’t you give it a go – whilst you have time on your hands. Take care.

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