Huge ££ reductions to our price lists

We have reviewed all of our prices. We have removed thousands of pounds to remain agile and active in this competitive sector.


We’ve had a think about what we can do differently from everyone else in the fitted bedroom and sliding wardrobe market. And we want to offer you immediate pricing for your new bedroom project. Everyone else will offer you a home design appointment, with a sales person lugging their 100’s of samples in a case, measuring up, giving you a price, negotiating on price, trying to get that order in your home. We tried that, we wasted a lot of time doing that.

With our Southampton showroom now open 7 days a week, we are here when you are off. The Titchfield showroom will soon be open Saturday mornings – details of when to follow.

You can now bring us your room measurements to either of our showrooms, look at the products and styles available and we will quote you in the showroom.

ps – we do still offer home design visits of course we do, but why not get a price in the showroom first?

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