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Great storage ideas for kids’ bedrooms

March 8th, 2021 | Posted in Ideas
swan system bedroom

We here at Swan Systems Furniture have been helping parents organise their children’s bedrooms for over 30 years. We cannot guarantee these rooms will remain organised but we can help create harmony in your home and give you some great storage ideas for your kid’s bedroom.

1. Clothes

They grow so fast that a continuous changing of clothes through ages and the seasons is a parent’s ongoing role – in addition to everything else you have to do. What was a cute pair of 3-4 shorts last summer is now a skin-tight pair which needs to be put into the charity bin. We, therefore, recommend that inside your new furniture, you need a chrome hanging rail, at least 4 of them to separate your child’s clothes. Fitted wardrobe interiors are really handy for this sort of organisation, and you can store a range of clothing including, tops, bottoms, jumpers, schoolwear and sportswear. Don’t forget, these clothes need rotating when they have a growth spurt or when the seasons change.

Did you know that Swan Systems Furniture can create bespoke fitted sliding wardrobes as well as standard bespoke fitted wardrobes? Well, with this experience, we find that neutral colours such as white or light grey will serve you well. We have a range of kid’s bedroom closet ideas. Small fingers will not mark the furniture, helping you to organise your child’s small bedroom and keep it looking clean.

2. Toys

With the vast selection of toys now on the market, they are bound to be scattered across the bedroom. Toy boxes are a good kid’s room storage idea. There are an array of toy boxes available on the high street, but chests or storage boxes that are available at many of the high street stores serve just as well. You really want something fun and functional for this, you and your child can be as creative as you like! A toy box will help with a kid’s room’s organisation, get rid of unnecessary clutter and save space.

3. Books

It’s great to encourage your child to read books but they still need somewhere to store them. Where’s the best place to keep books? Well, a bookshelf of course! Your child can organise their books in any manner they like; by genre, colour or in alphabetical order – it’s up to them. However, they organise it, a bookshelf is a great storage place for your kid’s bedroom. Here at Swan Systems Furniture, we create bespoke bookshelves to store all of the books your child will get through over the next 10 years.

4. Schoolwork

As your child gets older, they’ll be bombarded by more and more school work. Therefore, they’ll be needing somewhere to not just carry out their assignments but also store their work. So it’s a good idea for your children’s bedroom to have a desk that can serve as a storage place. You can get a bespoke desk made to help save space in your child’s small bedroom made by us here at Swan Systems Furniture. First, it can be served as a colouring-in station or Lego area and, as your child gets older, go on to be a homework desk.

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