Buying bedroom furniture is NOT like buying a dress or a pair of trousers

A dress will come in standard sizes: 14,16,18 etc. And trousers standard sizes too. If you aren’t a standard size, it’s off to the dress makers or tailors for pinning and re-measuring and extra payment.

Buying a wardrobe from the high street stores is much like this. Their wardrobes will not fit your house. Their wardrobes will be standard sizes and they will put a sizable panel in at the top and bottom to give the impression its tailor made for your home. Pretty unfair we think.

Swan Systems Furniture are specialists in bespoke furniture for bedrooms. Everything is custom made for you, at less than high street prices. So you can have the bespoke fitted wardrobes and fitted wardrobe interior you’ve always dreamed of. We do not have a huge factory churning out same sized panels to keep their factory busy.

This is a BIG difference between ourselves and our competitors. But what we think is more important is that your products are made to order, made for you and made to last.

Put your trust in a company with over 175 positive Checkatrade responses – do Sharps or Hammonds operate a similar feedback scheme?

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