Perfect Fit for David – Bespoke Furniture Made for Local Resident

David Loftus, who is permanently in a wheelchair was struggling to find fitted bedroom furniture to help him stay independent and in his own home with accessible furniture fit for his needs and maximise storage of equipment and medication.

Swan Systems Furniture with showrooms in Fareham and Southampton came to the rescue with its bespoke furniture service, a complete planning service to ensure you maximise your space and designs furniture which compliments your home and works for you.

David commented: “I had been looking for some time to find a firm that could come up with furniture that was more flexible for my needs than the run-of-the-mill static standard furniture available.

“I want to live at home and be as independent as I can be, so it was important for me to be able to gain access easily to the storage in the wardrobes and office drawers and desk space, taking into account my wheelchair, which can take up a lot of space in a room.

Barrie Capell, sales and furniture designer at Swan Systems Furniture explained: “When David came to us with his brief, I sat down with him to go through all the options available and made changes to suit David’s needs.”

“Every home has its owners design and style and we feel our family orientated business has an empathy to help keep that focus on what the customer wants.

“It was important to David to keep the rooms feeling like a home and not have a clinical, hospital feel to them. We were able to provide him with furniture in several rooms to give a sleek and modern feel.

Barrie added; “His bedside cabinets were specifically designed allowing him to have things close around him when he is in bed, and special castors fitted to allow the cabinets to be moved easily by David’s carers, to gain access to his bedside when needed.”

David concluded: “The overall service from Barrie and the team at Swan was fantastic.  He listened and helped come up with solutions to ensure the furniture meets my needs and above all looks homely.”

If you want to know more about Swan Systems Furniture with showrooms in Titchfield and Southampton visit  or email: telephone 01329 843 636 /02380 465485

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