Where are we going to put everything?

A lot of Swan Systems Furniture customers come to us with a look of panic in their eyes. “We’ve just retired and decided to downsize. We’ve gone from a 3/4/5 bedroomed house down to a 2 bedroomed house. Where are we going to put everything?”. We hear this a lot from our customers. This is where Swan Systems can help with bespoke furniture. We are fitted bedroom furniture specialists who create huge amounts of storage behind beautiful hinged and sliding wardrobes. We make bedroom furniture to fit your home and suit your requirements.

There will be some visits to charity shops but our customers essential items come to their new house and we create bespoke storage. Specifically to their taste, style and budget.

Lots of our customers want something contemporary with a stylish statement. We have some fabulous new colours in our range: Grey Bardolino, White Avola, Mussell and Acacia as well as the more traditional White, Ivory and Light Oak. Our distinct difference is that our brand of bespoke fitted wardrobes with sliding doors and fitted furniture all match – the bedsides, the fitted wardrobe interiors, dressing tables –  all match. And they are made in Titchfield. And fitted by our own team. We help create peaceful bedrooms with beautiful storage.

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