Business as usual

These are worrying times but I wanted to let you know that as a retail and manufacturing business, it is still very much business as usual for us.

We have had so many emails from suppliers about their response to the coronavirus that we wanted to let you know what’s occurring with us.

Until we get a definite ‘go home’ message from Boris. If that happens we will shut our retail stores in West End and Tanneries and operate on line. We cannot go home and work from home., we need to make furniture, fulfil orders and meet people in the showrooms.

Our lovely Sales Designers are still making home design visits and we want to assure you that we have your interests at heart. Both Sales Designers are fit and healthy with no health issues. If you don’t want anyone in your home, we offer a quoting service. Or we can book an appointment for the near future.

If you email with a request for a home design visit we will get you booked in almost immediately.

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