Buy Now Pay Later Finance Options Launched

“Not everyone has large amount of disposable income to place a 40% deposit down for a new bedroom”. This was the feedback we received from a group of prospects who didn’t want to buy a new bedroom from Swan Systems Furniture. This made us think, how can we turn this negative feedback into a positive? […]

New Sectional Glass Split Door

We can now offer our customers a Glass sectional Split Door. Using combinations of White, Mirror or Coloured Glass, we make the doors that you want.

Where are we going to put everything?

A lot of Swan Systems Furniture customers come to us with a look of panic in their eyes. “We’ve just retired and decided to downsize. We’ve gone from a 3/4/5 bedroomed house down to a 2 bedroomed house. Where are we going to put everything?”. We hear this a lot from our customers. This is where Swan […]

Buying bedroom furniture is NOT like buying a dress or a pair of trousers

A dress will come in standard sizes: 14,16,18 etc. And trousers standard sizes too. If you aren’t a standard size, it’s off to the dress makers or tailors for pinning and re-measuring and extra payment. Buying a wardrobe from the high street stores is much like this. Their wardrobes will not fit your house. Their […]