Exclusive - Swan Angled Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Due to excessive customer demand and us here at Swan not wanting to loose any business to our competitors, we went ahead and designed an angled Swan Sliding Wardrobe Door.

Why would you want an angled sliding door I hear you ask. Well, if you have an angled ceiling, you can have a Swan Sliding Wardrobe door installed as close to that angled ceiling and get lots of storage for your possessions. In the past, we would put an angled hinged door in a matching colour and call that our solution. Not now, we have a brand new Swan Angled Sliding Door.

What's different about your angled sliding door? Swan is the difference. The Swan Sliding Wardrobe door is available in 14 beautiful colours. You can have a Grey Bardolino Angled Sliding Wardrobe with some regular rectangular sliding wardrobes, with matching interiors and now, matching drawer boxes with fully extendable runners.

We are developing our Company to reflect the ever changing needs of our customers. We hope you come on board soon.