New Year Sale – Extended to End February 2018

New Year Sale Extended for One More Month

January was such a busy month for us that we want to extend the NEw Year Sale to the end of February 2018. We run one big sale a year and now is the time to invest in some beautiful new bedroom furniture from us – at upto 30% off prices.

Email us or pop into either showroom or fill out the contact form on the website

Defence & Services Discount Scheme – 20% Off


We are proud to announce we have signed up for the Defences Discount and Blue Light Card.

This gives anyone working in the forces or in the emergency services (including NHS staff)  a 20% discount off any Swan Sliding Wardrobes and Fitted Bedrooms.

We appreciate some forces personnel are in rented accommodation therefore the discount can be applied to free standing furniture too.

Please bring your ID card to either of our showrooms and we can help you start designing your ultimate bedroom.


Where are we going to put everything?

A lot of Swan Systems Furniture customers come to us with a look panic in their eyes. “We’ve just retired and decided to downsize. We’ve gone from a 3/4/5 bedroomed house down to a 2 bedroomed house. Where are we going to put everything?”. We hear this a lot from our customers. This is where Swan Systems Furniture can help. We are fitted bedroom furniture specialists who create huge amounts of storage behind beautiful hinged and sliding wardrobes. We make bedroom furniture to fit your home and suit your requirements.

There will be some visits to charity shops but our customers essential items come to their new house and we create bespoke storage. Specifically to their taste, style and budget.

Lots of our customers want something contemporary with a stylish statement. We have some fabulous new colours in our range: Grey Bardalino, White Avola, Mussell and Acacia as well as the more traditional White, Ivory and Light Oak. Our distinct difference is that our brand of Swan sliding wardrobes and fitted furniture all match – the bedsides, interiors of the wardrobes, dressing tables –  all match. And they are made in Titchfield. And fitted by our own team.We help create peaceful bedrooms with beautiful storage.

Swan Sliding Wardrobes and Classic Fitted Bedrooms Chester Design Swiss Pearwood
 Swan Sliding Wardrobes and Classic Fitted Bedrooms Chester Design Swiss Pearwood

Do please get in touch

Buying bedroom furniture is NOT like buying a dress or a pair of trousers

A dress will come in standard sizes: 14,16,18 etc. And trousers standard sizes too. If you aren’t a standard size, it’s off to the dress makers or tailors for pinning and re-measuring and extra payment.

Buying a wardrobe from the high street stores is much like this. Their wardrobes will not fit your house. Their wardrobes will be standard sizes and they will put a sizable panel in at the top and bottom to give the impression its tailor made for your home. Pretty unfair we think.

Swan Systems Furniture are specialists in bedroom furniture and everything is custom made for you, at less than high street prices. We do not have a huge factory churning out same sized panels to keep their factory busy.

This is a BIG difference between ourselves and our competitors. But what we think is more important is that your products are made to order, made for you and made to last.

Put your trust in a company with over 175 positive Checkatrade responses – do Sharps or Hammonds operate a similar feedback scheme?

The Advantages of Sliding Wardrobe Doors for Bedrooms

Sliding wardrobe doors vs hinged wardrobes

You have a variety of sliding wardrobe doors for bedrooms to choose from today. While the idea of a door that slides is not a new one, many people are just starting to recognise the advantages. One of the big advantages is in the area of space saving. Any hinged door takes up previous floor space, which is sometimes lacking in the bedroom. Furniture placement is easier when there is no need to allow room to open the door.
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